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Frequently Asked Questions

When's the best time to come?

Every season offers interesting things to do and see so it depends what type of vacation you crave.


(June to August) are the warmest months and the water temperature is good for swimming.


(Oct - Nov) boasts cooler to crisp temperatures and the focus moves to harvest and fall colors and birds migrating.


(Dec-Mar) the temperature hovers around freezing. We're the most southerly part of all of Canada. We do get some snow and ice but we don't get the harsh winters Canada is known for. Locals use this time to snuggle in and enjoy the indoor living but outdoor sports abound.


(April-May) is our happy time, when all the new growth begins and the anticipation mounts for another 9 months of outdoor living.

The birds sing, some of them make their home here for the season, others use it as a stopping ground.

Are there bugs?

Yes, during the summer there are some but nothing too bothersome.

In mid-June Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) arrive in clouds and are attracted by light. The return of these are a sign of the improved condition of Lake Erie in recent years. They are harmless and are also known as June bugs (likely because they arrive for a week or two during June!) or the fishfly.

In the evening you might want to have a can of insect repellant available if you are outdoors and the pesty mosquitos choose that time to show up. It would be good to take it along if you are going for a walk in the wooded areas too.

Bees (mostly in fall), flies and ants are attracted to yummy smelling food and sweets. Just be diligent to keep the sceens closed and dispose of food scraps following your outdoor picnics and there's little chance they will become bothersome.

Can I fish?

Yes you can! You'll need a licence if you are over the age of 18 though. Lake Erie has many species of fish, including salmon. If you are a non-resident you can purchase a license at more than 2000 locations around the province. Ontario residents over 18 need both an Outdoor Card and a fishing licence. See for further information.

What's a typical day like?

Wow! There is no typical day! With such a variety of activity to choose from, the choice is all yours! Do what you love.

Do I need sheets and linens?

We want you to experience the bedding and everything else we've chosen for you but feel free to bring along your special pillow or other personal things that will help you feel at home and cozy.

Are there things I need to bring?

A camera for sure!
In the summer a beach towel if you are coming to be on the beach and swim.
In the summer, insect repellant.
Walking/hiking shoes.
Your food and personal items.
Optional ideas are movies (there is no cable), games, crafts or hobby supplies, your bicycle and other sporting equipment .

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